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The company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacturing services of intelligent terminal precision structural components, a national intellectual property superiority enterprise, an intellectual property demonstration enterprise in Guangdong province and an innovative enterprise in Guangdong province. The company has Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center and Guangdong provincial engineering technology research center. The main business of the company is the research and development, design, production and sales of precision structural components and molds for intelligent terminals. The main products are precision structural components and precision molds for intelligent terminals. The precision molds produced by the company are used to manufacture precision structural components, and the precision structural components produced mainly include smart phones, smart homes, wearable devices, tablet computers, e-books and other intelligent terminals precision structural components, which are used to manufacture corresponding intelligent terminal products.

As the development and expansion of the company and the growth of overseas business, the company recruits senior management talents, senior business talents and senior technical talents with global vision all year round. Welcome talents from all over the world to join us to create a better future and realize our dreams! If you are interested in joining Green, please leave your resume information in the "Join Green" column. We will make a preliminary selection based on your educational background, work experience and professional skills, and inform you of the follow-up interview by phone or email.